HOW IT WORKS I How to register your hashtag:

1: Create an account. It's easy and free.
2: Search for YOUR perfect hashtags and register them. JUST LIKE YOU WOULD WITH DOMAIN NAMES.  
3: Link your hashtags to your website, blog, podcast, vlog, social media accounts.


Because registering your hashtags is just like having a phone number that you can use in any network. You publish with your hashtag on any social media platform just like you use your phone number in any network. 

If you don't control your #WORDS someone else will! This is a completely new way of using hashtags to build your personal or your company's brand. There are 1600 domain extensions in the world*. But only ONE #hashtag. REGISTER IT NOW! Use it everywhere!

Basically, we are presenting you a platform for hosting and sharing the concepts that are important to you, those that actually define you and your work.

* According to Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.