Launch letter

Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/12/2021 - 13:51


This is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. I bet you have never thought of a hashtag the way you think about a   web domain. It’s time you should. We have the perfect solution,!

What is 

It is a service that allows you to OWN your words and use them to define a web space. What is the best tool for this? The hashtag, of course. It is the most intelligent and widely used tool for sharing thoughts, ideas, project, brands. We’re just taking it a step or two further. Using you can create dedicated web pages for every hashtag that represents you or your work.

Why use 

Because words are a very important asset in the attention economy, the economy we are living in. If you don't own your word someone else will. So just as we have web domains for our companies, brands, projects, it is time to have something similar for our most important hashtags.

Who is for? is a very powerful tool for any content creator who wants to better distinguish himself. In today's ocean of data, owning your hashtags is as important as owning your web domains. To have your own hashtag is just like having a phone number that you carry everywhere. You publish your hashtag on any platform just like you use your phone number in any network.

How does work? 

You search for a hashtag, you buy one of the packs that offer you the space you need to define it. Just keep on publishing your content with your preferred hashtags on the platforms you chose.

Who are we? 

Simply put we are your partner. A hosting company for your hashtags. Our sole business is providing you with the best hosting experience. This being the case we do not collect your data and do not sell it, nor do we sell any metrics regarding our business with you, our clients.