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What is all about?

We took a look around and we noticed that there is a gap that needed to be filled. We are all trying to make the best of the internet and the opportunities it is giving us, to be able to COMMUNICATE our thoughts, ideas, to as many people as possible. This is currently done on various channels and we need to find our favourite platform right? We may have a website (with a domain that we try to make ours, but we may very well hit an inconsistency wall) or an Instagram account, or a Twitch streaming account, or a Facebook page, or all of these. How about if we could have our own defining term, word, that could act as an umbrella for all our communication channels. Hashtag Domains is just that. It is your personal domain, you get it here and it holds all of your social media and web accounts.

Imagine putting this on your business card: Everyone will see what you decide to share on the web in regards to your hashtag. Maybe you have a marketing campaign, maybe you read a book and felt inspired.

How can this help me, what is the value of this tool?

Since you believe in this, you use it and share it with others. This will lead to the unimaginable : when people will search on google for your word (hashtag) they will get to see your hashtag page first, or on the very first page in the search results.

Alternatively, you can always pay for an SEO audit, pay for the optimisation for your website, work on using good keywords, work or even pay for backlinks. Yeah, sounds… myeah… using hashtagbuddy you just need to share your hashtag(s) page all around.

How many hashtags can I get?

Get as many as you need, no limits here. You will pay 1.6 euros per month. That's 20 euros per year per hashtag. That's like having… an egg and spicy sausage sandwich and a coffee????. #word!. Use them wisely!

What if I misspell my hashtag and get the wrong one? Can I change it?

Yeah, we know, we all blame #autocorrect right?. Sure thing, let us know what's your account and the last four digits of the card you used for the payment. And don't forget to give us the correct hashtag.

What if I don't need it anymore?

After one year, if you don't choose to renew it, it will be made available in our system, so others can claim it (and all the associated links removed).

How can I use it at its best?

You just need to get it here and set it up to link wherever you want. After that you just need to focus on creating good quality content. Remember, CONTENT IS KING!